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    The Best Paleo Snacks For Your Parties

    Paleo is a type of diet that takes much of inspiration from what our hunter/gatherer ancestors would have eaten on a daily basis. This includes lots of lean protein, veggies, and the avoidance of carbs as much as possible. It’s a diet trend that has been sweeping the world in the last few years, and many people swear by it. If you’re planning on throwing an event for some friends that are paleo, these are some of the best ideas for snacks to keep them happy.

    1. Buffalo Cauliflower Bites

    Cauliflower is a favourite among those following the paleo diet due to the higher fibre packed into every branch, and offers a meatless alternative to anyone that’s looking for a more vegan option. it’s easy to put together, with the cauliflower being coated in almost flour and different seasoning and then baked in the over before being tossed in hot sauce. It’s also possible to make the dish vegetarian by using butter or ghee, but it’s sure to be a popular choice among guests.

    1. Bacon Avocado Deviled Eggs

    Eggs and avocados are an excellent mix, and are made event better with addition of crispy bacon bits. It’s an extremely easy recipe to remember, requiring that you make a simple batch of devilled eggs, and then covering them in creamy chunks of avocado and topping it off with fried bacon bits. It’s light, easy, and extremely nutritious, with the avo and eggs providing a number of essential vitamins and minerals, such as choline.

    1. Chocolate Bacon

    Chocolate and bacon on their own are two of the world’s most delicious snacks, so it makes sense that combining them into a single meal takes it to an entirely new level. It’s easy enough to do: cook the bacon until it’s nice and crispy, and then allow guests to dip the bacon into a bowl of melted chocolate, making for the perfect combination of sweet and salty, and the perfect snack to kick back with for a few games.

    1. Snack Mixes

    One of the best parts of a paleo diet is the wide range of different snack mixes that can be put together and served to guests, and this is one of the simplest. Take an assortment of mixed nuts and add them together with other ingredients, such as chocolate chips. It’s also possible to add dried fruit and other small edibles, creating a healthy but tasty snack that’s sure to go down well with everyone attending your event.

    1. Enchilada Jalapeño Poppers

    These spicy poppers are a great side for any event, and provide a zesty snack with plenty of flavour. It’s best to take a  bag of cashews and soak them into enchilada sauce, and then blending them to make a delicious paste. Once finished, cut the jalapeños in half and fill them with the cashew paste, making sure to fill them up as much as possible before wrapping bacon around them. They can then be thrown in an oven to be baked or shallow fried in a pan, although the former is a much healthier alternative.

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