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    Keeping Your Guests Safe At Your Party

    While many parts of the world are currently experiencing the second wave of infections, people across the globe are desperate to try and get things back to the way they were before all of this began, which includes social affairs. Throwing a party during this time might seem impossible, but with the right precautions and a little participation by everyone involved, it’s possible to do it successfully and without anyone getting sick.

    If you’re planning on having a casino-themed party for your friends and family in the next few weeks, use these tips to ensure that none of your guests get sick while also having a great time.

    Social Distancing

    Social distancing has become the norm for countries around the world, and its something that can be successfully integrated into social gatherings. We’ve been told to stand around 2 metres apart from anyone that isn’t our immediate family, which can easily be accomplished at a party. The guests might have to be reminded, so it might be a good idea to print out a few flyers and stick them around so no one forgets.

    Keep It Outdoors

    One of the ways people get sick is by being inside for too long, especially if there is inadequate ventilation. One way to bypass all of that is by simply having the party outside. This will mean that fresh air will be constantly blown in by the wind, disallowing anything from getting into the air for the guests to breathe in. This also provides ample opportunity to throw a really great outdoor party that everyone will love.

    Food And Drink

    It might be tempting to make food for everyone coming in your own kitchen and then letting everyone help themselves, but guidelines from a few different sources have advised that this potentially a bad idea unless everyone is given sterilised, contained food. An easier way to go about this is by having everyone bring their own food to the event. This allows everyone to bring along their favourite foods without the worry of having it contaminated in every way.


    The World Health Organisation has put a lot of emphasis into the fact that a mask can prevent people from both catching and distributing the virus, and masks have become the norm across the globe. People going to any kind of social gathering will want to make sure that they have their masks with them, but it might be a good idea to remind them, possibly as part of the invite.

    The Guest List

    It might be tempting to invite as many people as possible to your party, most experts advise to try and keep things small, meaning some people might have to stay at home and enjoy Netflix. A good number of people to invite is between six and eight; any more and the risk of infection goes up too much, although with social distancing and BYO food in place, it’s possible to comfortably have up to twelve guests at your event without increasing the risk too much.

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