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    Rare And Weird Casino Party Games

    Casino party games come in all shapes and sizes, but sometimes it can get boring to play the same ones over and over during a party. Spice things up a bit by introducing some of these weird and rare games during your next casino-themed party. Not only are these plenty of fun to play, but everyone will be given an equal chance to start together, meaning that no one will have any advantages starting out.

    These are the top five strangest casino games worth trying at your next casino party.

    The Chicken Challenge

    The Chicken Challenge is a game that originates from the Tropicana Hotel and Casino, based in Atlantic City, and sees players pitted against a chicken. Players are given the chance to challenge a chicken named Ginger to an intense game of noughts and crosses. All you need to do is to walk up, make your bet and wait for the chicken to peck around in its cage until it lands on one of the betting choices. Obviously this is a game that makes use of a live animal, but it can be easily modified for more common pets, such as dogs or cats.

    Rodent Roulette

    Rodent roulette is a variant of the popular game that offers a unique twist on traditional gameplay. The game has many variations in different casinos throughout the globe, but perhaps the most popular version comes in the form of Gerbil Roulette. Instead of betting on a ball that randomly falls into slots, a gerbil is placed in a box on a wheel, where it will eventually hide in one of the many numbered holes. The winner of the game is whoever’s number is on the hole that the gerbil hides in. This can be used with all manner of small creature, including guinea pigs and hamsters.


    War is an extremely popular card game that earned a reputation for being essentially endless, and it can make a fun and entertaining casino game when needing something other than online slots to play. One of the most easily understood table games, War is extremely easy to play: players start by placing place their bets, after which they are dealt one card. If your card is higher than the dealer’s, you win the round. If the round turns out to be a tie, it’s possible to either surrender and lose half of the bet, or “go to war”, which doubles the stake and adds another layer of competition.


    This betting game is traditionally Jewish, and can be found being played in livings rooms with game pieces such as buttons or raisins during Hanukkah. Due to the simple rules that govern the game, it has been introduced into many American casinos in the last few years.. Punters need to place their bets and spin the four-sided spinning top.

    Belgian Birdsong

    The Belgian Birdsong is a viral game in casinos found across the country of Belgium.. A group of birds caged separately take it in turn to sing, and players will have to place bets on which birds they believe will sing the loudest and the longest.

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