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    Major League Baseball Bets

    MLB or Major League Baseball comprising two main leagues, the American League and the National League has set itself out to be the biggest baseball organisation in the world. With the sheer size and popularity of baseball, information, markets and live viewing are all easily available to anybody no matter where in the world they may be. All of these factors make baseball a great decision for any keen bettor who is looking at starting to bet on a new sport or just starting to bet in general. Before we can start to bet though, we must know the types of bets available to us and what they mean.

    Types Of Bets

    Below is a run-down of the types of bets you will typically see on Keep in mind that they can vary, this will serve as a great starting point to your baseball betting journey.

    • Spread bets – spread bets are one of the most popular forms of bets in modern baseball betting. Spread bets are quite simple. You place a wager on one team to win by a predetermined margin. This margin mentioned is put into place to alleviate having different odds on the bets. If you are sure of a team to have a very successful game and win by a margin larger than that supplied by the sportsbook, this is a great bet.
    • Moneyline bets – similar to spread bets, only the margin is done away with in favour of odds. While this may make the bet easier to win when you are confident in the winning team, the payout will suffer as well. Inversely this can be a great bet if your predictions are in favour of the underdog.
    • Runline bets – runline bets give an interesting betting opportunity away from the standard of “to win” bets. In runline bets, you are placing an under/over wager on how many runs will be posted by the end of the game. The outcome or winning team does not matter in runline bets, only how many runs will be posted. The under/over referred to is simply a baseline set by sportsbooks and can vary between different sportsbooks.
    • Series bet – Similar to the moneyline bet, only here you are placing a wager on the outcome of the series and not a single event. Series bets carry more risk than moneyline, this is well balanced with the extra potential payout.
    • Parlay – Parlay bets are similar to moneyline or spread bets, only pertaining to more than one event. In parlay you will place a wager on the winner in two or more games. While the risk is higher, the potential payout makes the risk well worth it.

    Bet Online Now

    When betting on baseball, you may find that American odds generally are the prevailing type of odds. Be sure to know how to read and convert American odds to your preferred odds format. Lastly, finding value in your baseball bets will greatly aid your profits, be sure to bet with good value in mind.

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