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    MMA Betting Guide For Beginners

    MMA or Mixed Martial Arts has grown into a sport rivaling boxing as one of the biggest fighting sports available today, with this has come fantastic betting opportunities with a range of impressive betting markets available. In the below we will cover how to start betting on MMA for beginners. A quick guide to one of the best betting sports around.


    MMA being a fighting sport, there are usually significantly less markets than other non-fighting sporting events. For a beginner, this can work into your advantage as getting to grips with the betting scene will be that much easier. These more focused markets do not include prop bets as those can range from anything from inside or outside the ring. Some of the more typical bets you will find available on MMA are:

    • Match Bet – A match bet is about as simple as betting comes. You place a wager on who you believe will win the fight. Odds here are very important so be sure to know the types of odds you are getting.
    • Moneyline bet – Essentially a match bet, only limited to using American odds (moneyline odds). Depending on your knowledge of odds and which you prefer to use will be the decider between match bets or moneyline bets.
    • Parlay – Parlay in its simplest form is a collection of bets with multiple sections. In usual cases parlay bets will involve two to three bets and usually be placed on the winners of fights. You place a wager on the winners of the selected fights and if all of your selections are successful, you win the bet. It is worth noting that this does bring additional risk. With the additional risks, however, comes a chance at a great payoff.
    • Over/Under – In over/under betting, you place a wager which assumes if the total points scored in the fight will be over or under a predetermined number. The winner of the fight does not matter, only the number of points scored.
    • Round betting – In round betting you would place a wager on during which round the fight finishes. It can be a risky bet, if you do know the fighters well and are able to make a good prediction, the odds make for a great payoff.
    • Method of victory – A wager in which you bet on how the fight will be won. The options are:
    • Knockout – A fighter wins the fight by technical knockout.
    • Submission – A fighter wins by the other fighter going into submission
    • Points – The fight gets to the last round and the winner is decided by points.
    • The winner of the fight does not matter for these bets, only how the fight is won.

    Wrapping It Up

    MMA is a great betting sport for any new bettor. Before starting your betting journey in MMA, be sure to understand how to research the events and fighters. As with any nature of sports betting, research will be your biggest ally in making successful bets in the long run.

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