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    Best Cycling Betting Strategies

    Cycling betting has grown into a large industry. With consistent riders, frequent races and easy access to information, betting on cycling races is a great opportunity for any avid bettor. If you plan on betting on cycling, the first thing you are going to need is a good plan.


    In cycling betting, there is no one size fits all strategy, the best route you can take is to bet based on the information available to you. In a sense, it is more avid research than a dedicated strategy that tells you what bets to make. If you plan to be successful in cycling betting, this is by far the best route to take. Below we will cover a few key factors to look for in your betting to help make your betting as successful as possible.

    The Research

    When researching cycling betting, the quality of information is more as important as the amount of information you get. A tip off of a potential injury is a great but can lead to a rather large loss if the tip-off is not accurate. It is best to lean towards historical research and news unless a tip can be validated somehow. While doing research there are a few key things one should look for;

    • Event history – As simple as it comes, find the results for a particular event spanning the last four or five years. This will give you a great idea of the consistency of the course and riders involved. Courses are hardly ever changed so the event history should be one of the main factors in your research.
    • Rider history – Once event history research is done, a second great research topic will be the rider history. We know how the rider did last year in this event, but what about more recently. Rider performance will give you a good idea if they have managed to keep the pace from previous years and are set give a great performance or not.
    • Conditions – looking at previous year’s results is great when conditions are consistent, but they are not always consistent. Extreme conditions like excessive heat, cold or rain can effect different riders in different ways. Ensure to check the forecast of any upcoming races and try to find previous races with similar conditions. This will give you great insight into who excels in these extreme conditions.


    News will play a large factor in not only providing information on riders and events, but changing potential odds for your bets as well. Keep track with the latest news in cycling as best as you can as it could prove useful in your information gathering. Lastly, focus on finding value in your bets, a winning bet is only as good as the odds provided to you.

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