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    Lady Of Fortune Online Slot Mentioned for Players

    Lady of Fortune, created by Play ‘n Go, is an online slot game. It uses a standard five reel, fifteen payout line system, allowing players to adjust pay lines and the betting amount between spins. The most remarkable thing about the game, however, is the rich, highly detailed visual design, and the professionally created audio design.

    As the name suggests, the game is themed around luck, and has therefore based its design around images that superstitiously represent luck. Some of these images are a four leafed clovers, ladybugs, the number seven, and, of course, a mysterious gypsy woman. The music used is highly relaxing and has an esoteric tone, evoking images of mystery and magic, combining with the images to create a trance-like atmosphere of concentration.

    If anything, the game is worth playing simply to experience the obvious amount of work that is gone into creating it. It terms of game play, however, Lady of fortune is a standard affair that introduces no new ideas or game mechanics. The game is available now for desktop computer, mobile phone, and tablet.

    Symbol Designs

    The symbol designs in Lady of Fortune are highly detailed, although not using the 3D design of some other slot games. Each symbol is, however, a high resolution image that translates well on larger screens, such as on desktop computer or tablet.

    The most valuable symbols in the game are the seven, the four leafed clover and the horseshoe. Each of these symbols will payout well when matched with themselves the minimum of three times, and maximum of five times. The least valuable symbols in the game are the dice and ladybug, which payout lower amounts, even if matched the maximum of five times. As with all slot machines, the most money in the game lies with the bonus symbols, which in this game they are represented by a mysterious woman and series of multipliers.

    Lady Of Fortune Slot Symbol Designs

    Lucky Bonuses

    Compared to some slots at, a unique aspect of the Lady of Fortune slot game is the wild symbols. These symbols come in four flavours, marked two, three, four and five. Each represents a multiplier, and, if landing in a sequence, the winning payout of that sequence will be multiplied by the amount indicated.

    The symbols also act as substitute, meaning that they match with any other symbol to create a sequence. If a player manages to match four of the most valuable symbols with a five multiplier, the payout is enormous.

    The second bonus symbol in the Lady of Fortune slot game is the mysterious lady, who is a one way ticket to the biggest wins in the game. If matched three times the mysterious lady will trigger a mini-game. In this mini-game the player is allowed to select one of the tree mysterious ladies, revealing a cash bonus. This bonus can be an incredible one hundred and fifty times multiplier of the bet made for that spin, which, needless to say, is enough to put a smile on the face of any online player. Keep an eye out for the lady luck symbol and maybe she will be on your side.

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