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    Overview of Andre The Giant Online Casino Slot

    Anyone who has an interest in professional wrestling will have herd of Andre the Giant. Known specifically for his towering size, the man tore up the wrestling ring for years, intimidating the other wrestlers while still managing to maintain a level of class. His time in the ring was legendary, and many mediums have immortalised him. The recent dedication is the Andre the Giant slot game, which is available to play now on desktop computer, mobile phone and tablet. Let’s have a closer look at this impressive game from Next Gen Studios.

    Players of the Andre the Giant slot game will immediately notice the high production value, with an array of detailed symbol designs populating the reels, and a number of animations that feature Andre himself. And this is not even including the Andre Goes Wild mini-game, which has the wrestler going up against an opponent in an amazingly animated sequence. There is everything the average player could want and more. But let’s take a closer look at the game play and see if the game plays as well as it looks.

    Game Play

    Using a 5 reel, 25 betting line system, the Andre the Giant online slots game will appeal to players who enjoy game play freedom. The betting lines are manually adjustable, and the player may raise them or lower them between spins as they wish. There is also a gamble option found to the left of the spin button, which is activated upon any win being achieved. Click this button ant potentially double your winnings by guessing the value of a face down card.

    In terms of symbol designs the developers have clearly gone out of their way to insert maximum variety and creativity. From folding chairs and hotdogs to masked lucho libre wrestlers and a stern looking referee, it’s all here and all well drawn. The clichéd playing card numbers are nowhere to be seen, and this is certainly a sign that no effort was spared. The only real problem is that there are so many symbol designs that a player may get confused about which symbols are the more valuable. Thankfully, the play table can be seen by clicking or tapping the information button.

    Andre Gone Wild

    The real star of the Andre the Giant slot game is the mini-game, which is a spectacle to behold. Upon the player matching the scatter symbol a second window will open, showing Andre facing off against an opponent. The player must spin the reels and attempt to match the wrestling moves, which will gather and be performed by Andre once the reel spinning sequence concludes.

    And, you guessed it, the animated Andre will perform the wrestling moves in the order they were gathered. The poor opponent didn’t even know what him. If at least three wrestling moves are gathered Andre will finish the sequence with a finisher, which pays a huge jackpot bonus. It sure helps to have a towering wrestler on our side when trying to make the most in an online slot game.

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