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    The Ultimate New Years Casino Party

    New Year’s is an annual event, and every year millions of people celebrate the ending of the old year and the beginning of the new by throwing some of the biggest parties of the year. Some parties are out on the streets and involve thousands, while others are kept at home, with select friends and family attending.

    The problem with having a party at home is that eventually you run out of ideas, especially when you’re trying to throw a party that’s not only fun and entertaining, but also memorable. But this also creates the perfect opportunity to throw a casino themed New Year’s party that no one will ever likely forget.

    But why casinos? Casinos are a perfect amalgamation of entertainment and style, giving your guests plenty to do while also allowing them to enjoy the music, aesthetics, and games that casinos have to offer, all from the comfort of your own home.

    1. New Year’s Invitations

    If you want your guests to arrive dressed to the nines, sending out invitations is the first step to take. Personalised invitations are easy to make, can be done on any computer, and allow you to customise them any way you wish. Make sure to send the invitations out a few weeks prior to the event, long before Christmas rolls around and most people are too busy to check their mail, or are having too much fun playing games at casino.

    1. Decorations and Supplies

    This is where you can really let your creative side go wild. Casinos come in all shapes and sizes, and it very much depends on the specific theme you’re looking for. The Las Vegas casino option is the most popular, and usually involves a black-tie affair with plenty of cocktails, food, and good music. Chinese casinos are also a common option, providing a much more relaxed environment.

    • Set up the lighting: depending on your theme, it’s a good idea to have adequate lighting set up throughout the house. This can also be done outside if you’re planning on holding an outdoor party.
    • Create a banner: A large New Year’s banner shows your guests where to go, and most banner material can be cheap to purchase and customise.
    • Get the games together: the best part of any casino-themed party are the various games you can put out. Poker, roulette, and blackjack are just some popular options. Most of these games can be bought in kits that can be easily put together and used.
    • Balloons, roses, and black/red fabric is a great way to set the mood for the evening.

    The Food

    This is also dependent on theme, but food can go just about any way imaginable. Having cocktails is advised, and a small platter of finger food for the guests to snack on. Main meals may be a bit trickier for a New Year’s party, but a large order of Chinese food should do the trick, allowing your guests to eat as they please.

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