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    5 Best-Kept Poker Secrets for Professionals

    The game of poker is complex, unpredictable, and requires an absurd amount of discipline. But while it may be a game that is vulnerable to the volatile nature of chance, there are ways to steer the game in your favour and consistently find success.

    Professional poker players have access to a trove of valuable insights and tips that you would never know unless you asked – and even then they may not tell you. Poker players are known for their secrecy and concealment when it comes to game strategy, but you can skip the confusion by reading this list of tips designed to amplify your strategic ability.

    1. Don’t Get Attached to Your Hand

    Too many good poker players will botch their chances of winning by refusing to let go of a strong hand. While it is obviously preferable to maintain a strong hand at all times, you won’t always get one, and even when you do, it is sometimes in your best interest to let it go.

    Even great hands like pocket aces or kings are of better use to you folded when someone can sniff out your bluff. Don’t be sentimental about your cards, remain detached and clear-minded.

    1. Never Show Your Bluff

    When you’ve pulled off a good bluff, it can be tempting to want to gloat about it to your peers. However, in a game where information about your opponents’ position can completely change the course of the game, you need to refrain from sharing anything about yourself that exposes your strategy or allows others to perceive your intent.

    1. You Will Lose Sometimes

    Although it may be difficult to accept at first, losing sometimes is a natural part of playing any game. In a system that so heavily relies on the element of randomised chance and luck, poker players can only do so much in order to secure a win.

    Don’t be put out by a loss (or even a losing streak), some of the best poker players in the world can’t come out on top every time.

    1. Budget, Budget, Budget

    The top 5% of poker players around the world can still lose their game if they have not properly imposed a limit to how much they bet. Don’t get cocky, budget your bets before you set foot in the casino and you will come out of the other side with heavier pockets than if you don’t.

    1. Position Yourself Carefully

    In a game as volatile and subject to change as poker, you can’t afford to stop paying attention. From this perspective, it can be extremely useful to you to be in a position where you play last, or at least close to last.

    That way, you have the advantage of seeing what everyone else’s hands are before it is your turn for them to see yours. The information you can learn from letting others pull moves before you can allow you to adjust your strategy more appropriately.

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