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    Best Sports Bets That Beginners Can Place

    With the rise of online sports betting, sports betting has become available to everybody. With this newfound availability comes a lot of new bettors on a frequent basis. In this article we will be covering the best bets for any beginner sports bettors to make.

    The Sport

    Before choosing the right bets to make, you need to know what sport you will be betting on. While any sport you know well will likely be the best betting sport for you, below are some recommendations of easy betting sports for beginners.

    • Golf – golf is sometimes ignored by the betting majority but is in fact a fantastic sport for betting beginners. The PGA tour lasts the majority of the year giving ample betting opportunities while only needing to know one consistent set of participants. Golf has slower and easy to grasp gameplay with consistent players and fantastic coverage. If you aren’t sure on the right sport for you, golf is a fantastic option you should consider.
    • Tennis – another sport, not in the biggest betting sports, but a great selection for beginners. With only single players to focus on and them being very consistent, tennis is easy to understand and a great betting sport all-round
    • Football – football is generally more difficult to accurately bet on, but there is no denying that football is currently the most bet on sport in the world. With great coverage and more games than one could bet on if they wanted to, football is a great way to get a lot more betting opportunities than any other sport.

    The Bets

    While certain sports will have a few varying bets available, there is usually a consistent set of bets available through most sports. Below we will look into a few of the bets that you will need to know when going into any sports betting.

    • To win – To win is the most common bet on any sport. It is simply a wager placed on who you believe the winning team/person will be. Odds will always play a big role in this bet so be sure to know the odds you are getting and exactly what they mean.
    • Line bets – line bets also known as over/under bets are another very common bet in all sports betting. In the line bet you place a wager deciding if the total score will be over or under a predetermined value. The value is decided by the sportsbook to normally give close to even odds. This is a great option when you are unable to decide on the winner of an event but are sure the event will be high or low scoring. Keep in mind that will be subject to change between different sports.
    • Parlay bet – parlay bets are similar to the “to win” bets, only pertaining to two or more events/games at a time. This carries a fair amount of additional risk but has the potential for a much better payoff than just placing two separate bets.

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