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    Guide About How to play Red Dog Online Casino Game

    The game of Red Dog was once popular in casinos around the world, including Australia, but has since declined in favour of better-known games such as Texas Hold ‘Em poker.

    Unlike poker, Red Dog is played with only three cars, and a round is far shorter, generally lasting less than a minute. It is for this reason, among others, that Red Dog has again seen an increase in popularity at online casinos. Please, when learning how to play Red Dog, note that that suit is completely irrelevant.

    Understanding The Basics

    At the beginning of every round the player places a bet, after which two cards are dealt. If the cards are consecutive, such as a two and a three, a jack and a queen, and so on, the hand is declared a push. Meaning; the bet is returned to the player and the round over. If the cards are equal in value, a ten and a ten, a five and a five, and so on, a third card is dealt. If the third card is equal to the first two, the player wins, and is paid out 11:1. If it is not equal, the round is a push. If the cards are not consecutive, or equal, the third card dealt must fall between the first two cards in order for the player to win. For example, if a three and a five are dealt, the third card must be a four in order for the player to win. Payout is determined by spread.

    Understanding Spreads And Payouts

    A spread refers to the number of cards between the first and second cards. If the first card is a two, and the second a six, the spread is three. The smaller the spread, the greater the player is paid out, in the case of winning. If the spread is one card, the payout is 5:1. If it is two, 4:1, and three, 2:1. A “spread” of four and greater is 1:1, also known as even money. When learning how to play Red Dog, understanding these payouts is essential.

    Red Dog Strategy

    In comparison to other popular casino games, Red Dog is considered to be high risk, given that achieving a large payout is very difficult. There is, however, a strategy that can maximise payout when learning how to Play Red Dog.

    When the initial cards are dealt and non-consecutive and non-equal cards are shown, the player is given the option to immediately double their initial bet. This means, should the odds be favourable and spread large, the player can take a risk, double the bet, and potentially achieve a far greater payout if winning.

    Keeping House Odds In Mind

    When learning how to play Red Dog, and all casino games, one very important detail should always be kept in mind. Namely, how many decks of cards are being used to play the game. This is because the number of decks used directly affects the house advantage, or statistical chance the player has to achieve a wining hand.

    In the case of Red Dog, the more decks of cards used the lower the house advantage, increasing the chance a player has to win. The opposite is true in games such as blackjack. Hence, always be sure to confirm what the house advantage is, how many decks are being used, and what your statistical chance is of winning.

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