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    The Best Paleo Snacks For Your Parties

    Paleo is a type of diet that takes much of inspiration from what our hunter/gatherer ancestors would have eaten on a daily basis. This includes lots of lean protein, veggies, and the avoidance of carbs as much as possible. It’s a diet trend that has been sweeping the world in the last few years, and many people swear by it. If you’re planning on throwing an event for some friends that are paleo, these are some of the best ideas for snacks to...

    Rare And Weird Casino Party Games

    Casino party games come in all shapes and sizes, but sometimes it can get boring to play the same ones over and over during a party. Spice things up a bit by introducing some of these weird and rare games during your next casino-themed party. Not only are these plenty of fun to play, but everyone will be given an equal chance to start together, meaning that no one will have any advantages starting out. These are the top five strangest casino...

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