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    Uncovering Some Of The Most Believed Blackjack Myths

    Everywhere in life that you find something that we as humans truly love to do, you also find myths about the thing. The same can be said about Blackjack. The game is as old as time and you can bet your 21 that there are as many myths about it. Which of these myths are just silly superstitions that we choose to apply to the game, because adding them to the game makes it somehow seem more mysterious and therefor more enjoyable?

    21 Can Lead To Busting

    Probably the biggest myth about this game is that you as the player has to chase that ever elusive lucky 21. Yes, 21 is the highest score that you can have in a round, and nothing can beat it, but it isn’t the winning factor of the game. The winning factor of the game is simply that your score needs to be higher than that of the dealer. That is what gives you the win. Many players find themselves busting more when they chase the 21 instead of chasing a win.

    Unskilled V.S. Skilled Players

    There is this idea that an unskilled player can mess up the order of the cards when they sit at your table. This apparently happens when they deal when they shouldn’t or stand when they shouldn’t. The truth is that this doesn’t affect anything, except maybe for your own tolerance level of that player. Instead of getting upset about what other players do, you increase your chance of winning when you focus more on your own game, instead the game of other players.

    The Risk Addiction

    Blackjack is not, as some would suggest, the most addictive game in the casino. Humans are addicted to the risk factor when it comes to casino games. Blackjack has the least amount of risk, because all the cards are constantly on display. One glance at the table will tell you exactly which cards are in play and what are the possibilities going forward, with the cards that are not yet in play.

    Card Counting Is Illegal

    The previous myth busted leads us to the myth that counting the cards are illegal. While casino’s do frown upon the fact that many people can and do count the cards, it is most certainly not illegal. You do not need to be a rocket scientist to be able to look at cards on the table and with quick maths in your head, figure out which cards still has to be played. You also do not need to be a serious mathematician or have a photographic memory, although it surely would help.

    Assume 10 Is The Dealers Score

    The dealers card gets turned last and many say that you should assume that, that one card has a value of 10. Nothing could be further from the truth. In a deck of cards, it is only the 10, Jack, Queen and King that gives the value of 10. These cards only make up about 30% of the deck. To make such an assumption based on less than a third of the deck is silly.