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    Halloweenies Slot Details for Casino Players Online

    Halloweenies is an online slot game. It uses a fairly standard five reel, twenty betting line system, and allows player to adjust the bet lines and bet amount, as would be expected. The outstanding aspect of the game is the theme, which draws from the popular modern traditions of Halloween in the form of creep crawlies and ghouls.

    The play symbols, for example, are all monsters and bizarre creatures, and for the most part this is entertaining enough. This does mean that the game is very small though, and those with slower internet connections may feel that the less space consuming level of quality is a breath of fresh air, as download time is greatly reduced. One part where the game does excel though is the sound design, which features a rather ominous repeating sound of echoing footsteps.

    The effect created is rather creepy, which was of course the idea, and in this aspect the game does indeed embody what Halloween is all about. Halloweenies is available to play on desktop, mobile phone and tablet. Owners of older model phones will find that the game runs very well, and downloads very quickly.

    Creepy Symbol Creatures

    Sticking with the theme, Halloweenies has designed all its symbols to invoke the creepiness of Halloween, even if most of the creatures are more goofy then scary. The art style is very cartoon-ish and, as said before, not overly impressive in quality, but the creatures still do the job of being recognisable, and even animate when matched.

    The most valuable symbol in the game is the wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing, which is admittedly rather amusing. He will payout a huge amount if matched with himself the maximum of five times. The least valuable symbols are the candy items, which include gummy bears, sour worms, and liquorice all-sorts.

    They will pay only small amounts, even if matching the maximum of five times. Some of the other symbols in the game are a witch, Frankenstein’s monster, and a skeleton. To take full advantage and rake in the real money, the player at must make use of the bonus symbols, of which there are two in this game.

    Big Wins and Free Spins

    The first special symbol to look out for is the wild symbol, represented by the odd collection of little monsters. This symbol will match with all other symbols, allowing for more matches to be made more often. The wild symbol will also match with itself up to five times for massive payouts. Halloweenies also has two bonus feature games, both of which are generous in their payouts and sure to be welcome to any players.

    The scatter icon, represented by the pink rabbit, will grant free spins if matched with himself three, four, or five times. The pumpkin symbol, called the scatter symbol will start the mini-game if triggered. In the mini-game the player is allowed to pick three pumpkins, under which cash bonuses are hidden. There is, however, a feeling that the game is showing its age, as the images tend to lack the attention to detail and quality of more modern casino online slots games.

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