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    If casino enthusiasts were to be divided into two groups, the best categories could well be “mystical” and “scientific”.  Some people approach games of chance with a firmly supernatural mind-set: luck is luck, and the only way to have fun gambling is to trust fortune and fate, and be ready to make the most of a hot streak whenever it strikes. You’ll find plenty of “mystical” players at slots and dice games, where Lady Luck plays such a big role in bringing in the juiciest windfalls.

    The “scientific” player relies more on their ability to calculate odds and probabilities. They know which games offer the lowest house edge, and they can also assess and implement betting strategies that reduce the house edge even more and offer a better chance of regular wins to the player. “Scientific” players tend to congregate at games like poker, trying to spot the bluffers, or blackjack, determinedly counting cards. What’s unusual about the roulette game, in all its variations, is that it can be enjoyed by both types of gambler.

    Consider your Roulette Game Options

    The single-number bet has the worst odds against it, which is why it has the highest payout in any roulette game; usually 35-1. But given the random nature of the bounce of the ball combined with the spin of the wheel, odds against a single-number bet winning are 36-1 (there are 37 numbers on the wheel, including the 0).

    That’s in European or French roulette; in an American roulette game, with a wheel that has both 0 and 00, the odds are 37-1 against. However, the logic is simple: bet on a single number repeatedly, and if it does come up in 34 spins or fewer, you’re a winner. How much you might win is determined by how soon your number comes up, which explains why single-number bets are attractive to “mystical” players. If your luck is running, single-number bets will reap substantial rewards.

    Scientific players, on the other hand, are going to want to secure themselves better odds on each spin of the wheel. To do this, they will adopt betting strategies. Rather than bet a single chip on a single-number bet, or a stack of chips on the even-money bets like odds/even or red/black, which have a slightly less than 50% chance of winning, they can reduce the odds against them to 3-2 or better, by covering more of the table. For instance, 20 chips, split into five 4-chip stacks and staked on five of the six 6-line bet options, has only a little more than a one-in-six chance of losing. If one of their bets does win, the player shows a net profit of four chips; and 24 chips staked as two 12-chip bets on two of the three “dozens” for the next spin gives the player a two-in-three chance of netting 36 chips, and so on.

    Online Roulette Game Play is Simple and Accessible

    Whether they enjoy the best roulette games purely for fun means free like at, or they enjoy risking actual money to win real money in return, players will find plenty of roulette game options online. Playing for free is also a sensible option for new players trying to learn betting systems, with the option to switch to a real-money casino whenever they feel confident enough to do so. If anyone is still wondering if they’re a mystical or a scientific roulette player, all they need is an Internet connection to find out.

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