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    Details about Playing Flash Pokies Online

    Sometimes you just want to jump right in and get busy testing your luck with a few rounds of pokies. Some online casinos require a compulsory download before you’re allowed to play, to your phone, laptop, or any other device you might be using. This can be an annoyance, because downloads take time, and the application will remain where it is installed until you manually uninstall it. Thankfully, a program called Flash allows for instant access to your choice of pokies without any downloads required. These are often referred to as Flash pokies.

    What is Flash?

    Flash is a program that plugs into your web browser, or works in conjunction with your browser, and allows for online casinos, or many other programs or games, to instantly load, avoiding the necessity of a permanent download. Many online casinos utilise Flash, which offers fast access straight to the games of your choice. Flash is compatible with most browsers, and is itself a relatively small program that is quick to download and install. With Flash installed, Flash pokies will load automatically upon clicking. If an error message is returned upon attempting to start a game of pokies, you may need to install the Flash software.

    How do I Install Flash?

    Flash installs like any other program, and is available for free. You may download the required file, then click on it to start installing, or else click the option to have Flash directly installed. Once it is installed, it need not be installed again. It may need to be updated, however, to allow compatibility with the latest applications, so be sure to update as required. If you have any trouble installing Flash, be sure to contact the customer support centre.

    Flash Pokies: Free or for Real

    You may jump in and enjoy a few rounds of flash pokies for free, just for the fun of it. Or, play for real money and stand the chance to win big. Most online casinos offer both options, so make sure which version you’re playing before spinning. How much pays out, and how much is required to play, varies depending on the online casino and game in question. If you do decide to play for money, you will be required to enter your banking details and make an account.

    Flash versus Download

    When playing pokies online via Flash, it does avoid any permanent downloads. There are, however, advantages to downloading an application as apposed to streaming online content. A download normally involves installing an online casinos application, which will include much of the information required for the games, including the graphics and images. This allows for faster, seamless play, with no need for new information to be streamed. Hence, a download is generally more stable and reliable. If you find that your online casino experience is lagging, or sticking, try installing the application to resolve the problem. A download will also normally offer expanded options, more variety, better customisation, and better presentation.  However you prefer your pokies, Flash based or via application, be sure to experiment with the many hundreds of variations offered.

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