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    An Introduction to Pokies for Online Casino Gamblers

    Pokies are the most played casino game worldwide, both in the land-based arena and online. These reel spinning games have come a long way since the original prototype was created by Charles Fey in San Francisco in the late 1800’s and have stood the test of time tremendously.

    In Australia, pokies are a particular favourite and players flock to online casinos to enjoy these exciting games. There are a huge number of reasons why online pokies are so popular and we explain the main ones below.

    Easy to Play Online Pokies

    Online pokies are incredibly easy to play as the games require little skill or strategy. A quick glance at a game will show that all you need to do is place a bet, hit spin and sit back and wait to see whether you are a winner. Uncomplicated and incredibly exhilarating, pokies are simple to play and there’s no endless learning of strategy and brushing up of skills required. Free games are available online too, giving players the opportunity to check out how the different styles of game work and what their basic requirements are.

    Huge Selection of Great Games

    At any decent Australian online casino you’ll find a pokies library that easily offers a hundred or two different titles. As these games are so popular, online casino software developers have created a plethora of options that cover every genre and theme imaginable. From nostalgic nursery rhyme-inspired classic games to video slots based on blockbuster movies like Batman, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

    Classic reel slots are the ones that are based most closely on the original format of the game and feature either 3 or 5 reels that need to line up a specific combination in order for a winning payout to be achieved. Some classic reel games feature a bonus round but this is considered an additional feature and not one that is expected. The traditional fruit machines are very similar in style and players simply have to line up matching fruit symbols or lucky number sevens to trigger the jackpot.

    Video slots are the sophisticated, state-of-the-art games that boast eye-popping graphics, immersive themes, storylines that unfold as the reels roll and bonus rounds that are simply unbelievable. For players looking for a chance to really win big the progressive jackpot pokies are the ones to play and these games are networked together, accumulating a massive prize every time a player places a bet. When one lucky Australian manages to trigger the progressive jackpot payout, they could see themselves walk away with a prize of over a million AUD.

    Very Rewarding Casino Entertainment

    Real money online pokies are famous for their huge, often unpredictable payouts and this makes them even more tempting. Online casino games generally have a higher payout ratio than their land based counterparts, and pokies are no exception. Fast returns, big jackpots and payouts that are astounding in size are up for grabs online, making playing real money pokies is incredibly enticing. Many top Australian casinos will list previous winners or have a real-time ticker that will show progressive jackpots creeping higher and higher, clearly illustrating just how rewarding playing pokies can be.

    It’s clear to see why pokies are so popular and with so many opportunities to play online, Australians can enjoy their favourite form of entertainment with ease.

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